January 27, 2010

Today's main course? Inspiration

It's going to be very difficult for me to post a feel-good, sunshine-and-happiness kind of story without making some kind of snarky comment, but I'm determined to try.

Because I can tell: You could use a pick-me-up today.

So here's a big ol' heart-warmer, courtesy of that newspaper in Chicago (where, as I write this, it's 19 degrees with flurries, but I'm not gloating). It's about a woman who's been blind since infancy being offered a job as a chef at a world-class restaurant in the Windy City.

The whole story is impressive enough on its face, but to help put it in perspective, here's a sample menu for the restaurant where she'll be working. N.B.: You get to eat everything on the menu for dinner.

Ah, damn. Five minutes ago, I was feeling very inspired. But after looking at that menu, now I'm mostly just hungry.


bugs said...

Just curious how she can tell all the spices, meats, "cold foods" apart. I'm all for her realizing her dream..don't get me wrong...I think it's fabulous....just in a fast-paced environment where sprinkling something with salt v. pepper or whatever isn't really okay....
And glad to hear that CT is "human." Thank goodness for that.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Bugs, I guess in similar ways that blind folks learn to tell different kinds of paper money apart. Though I have no idea how they do.

YEO...I just had lunch, but now I'm hungry too.

bugs said...

DGB - Point taken. People overcome these adversities daily. More power to them.

Your escalator operator said...

Nice! I think we all just had a *moment*.