January 3, 2008


OK, first I'll explain the name.

The late great standup Mitch Hedberg had a bit in which he posited that an escalator can never be broken; it can only become stairs. So, he said, when an escalator stopped working, no "out of order" sign would be necessary. Just: "Escalator temporarily stairs. Sorry for the convenience."

So, thanks, Mitch.

I'm moderately disgusted with myself for creating a blog. If there's one thing this world doesn't need more of, it's attorneys. (Apologies to my two best friends and my uncle, who are three of the finest people I know.) But if there's a second thing this world doesn't need more of, it's blogs. (And let's not even get into blogs by attorneys.) Seriously, why can't we just keep some of these thoughts bottled up once in a while?

That said, I find I'm always posting comments on the snarkily entertaining World's Best Burger, which is the only blog I ever read. And lately I've been thinking that if I were Loree or Laura, the snarkily entertaining geniuses behind the WBB, I'd be thinking to myself, "That guy should really leave our blog alone and get his own damn blog."

So, thanks, Loree and Laura.

No idea what I'll write about next, or whether I'll actually keep SFTC going for more than a week.

But, for now, at least I've avoided posting another comment on someone else's blog.


Loree said...

Yeah, it does feel kind of icky to start a blog, right? That's how I felt, but it's still fun. Now, if you have a podcast or a vodcast, we might have to draw the line.

Mommy Bits said...

Love the title of your blog. I like anyone who can quote Mitch Hedberg.

Loyal WBB Blog Reader

Your escalator operator said...

Thanks, Shannan!

I think I would have blogged sooner, but I had a hard time coming up with a name that could stand up against World's Best Burger -- and I knew if I was going to really bring it, I'd have to borrow from Mitch. Glad to have found a fellow fan!