January 24, 2008

Just let your soul glow

Disclaimer: This entry is somewhat self-congratulatory, but I'm posting it mainly so that (1) there's some evidence that not everything I write is cynical and, dare I say, snarky, and (2) so that next time I have a crappy day, I can dial up January 24 and read this. I guess that makes it self-congratulatory and self-serving. Great.

If you've been watching prime-time TV for long enough, you might remember -- and I hope you do -- the opening credits montage from the first few seasons of (holy crap, it's still on TV?) ER. The rest of you will, of course, find the video on YouTube.

Toward the end, there's a shot of Eriq LaSalle doing some quasi-karate move in the hospital corridor, as he celebrates in his own solitary-genius way the fact that he's just made a big save in the operating room. (Either that, or someone had just told him that he had great hair. I forget which.)

Can't get into specifics, lest I violate SFTC Rule One. Point is, I just had one of those moments.

First person to correctly explain the reason for this entry's title wins an iTunes song of your choice, courtesy of SFTC.


"Highland Park" Attorney said...

You were having a soul glow moment because you were being reminded of one of Eric's best dramatic roles as Darryl Jenks, the sole heir(?) to the Soul Glo empire in the movie Coming to America. Oh, and as a point of clarification, there is no "W" in true Soul Glow unless it is the imported, knock off version from China that is ruining this products good name.

Your escalator operator said...

That's right, baby! HPA, writing in from the snowy climes of Oswego, NY, wins today's prize. He has chosen as his prize a song by The National.
Smart guy -- picking the band just mentioned in my Stuff I'm Starting to Like feature. Smart guy.