January 16, 2008

Truth in advertising

Dress Barn is one of the worst names for a business ever. I make no judgment about the quality or stylishness of the clothing the company sells. I just don't get who would actually want to get their clothes from a barn. During the meeting to select the name of the store, what were the nominations that were deemed not as good as that one?

Which brings me to a company I read about in today's issue of the paper with all the news fit to print. On the one hand, I admire the firm's approach of letting the name speak for itself. On that count alone, it's a much better name than, say, Amazon or Zazzle, to give you the full alphabetic spectrum. On the other hand, if I worked there, I think I'd insist on not having business cards, a corporate email address or company-logo T-shirts.

See for yourself:

"When you buy a box of Cheerios in New York and one in Champaign, Illinois, you know they are going to be the same. By shortening the genetic pool using clones, you can do a similar thing," said Jon Fisher, president and owner of Prairie State Semen in Illinois.

Can't say I'd want to swim in any genetic pool that dude is talking about.


Loree said...

Wow... that's unfortunate. Although, I suppose it gets right to the point.

Laura said...

I want the t-shirt, especially if it has a cartoon sperm as the mascot! He can be named Willard and wear a red baseball cap that says "get moooovin'".