May 1, 2008

Taken for a ride

I'm thinking maybe the practice of letting congresspeople lease whatever car they want, while we pick up the tab, is sort of a crappy idea.

If we're going to pick up the tab, how about at least forcing them to use hybrids?

This reminds me of when I was student government treasurer in high school, and the president and other officers thought it'd be fine to order top-of-the-line Champion sportswear to "sell" as a "fundraiser," while keeping one of each item for themselves -- in other words, stealing from the school.

You'll be shocked to know that the guy who was president is now an elected official in Maryland.

1 comment:

bugs said...

SMB, you want to STIR THINGS UP, don't you?! GET OVER IT. IT WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL. BYGONES! (i don't condone the stealing, of course, but seriously...)