May 9, 2008

Data baste

It's Friday. Another week at work: done. You're feeling good about yourself. You're feeling like a smarty.

And then you read this story on about a dude who managed to get data off of a melted disk drive from the Columbia space shuttle. I don't even understand how you'd begin to figure out how to do that. I'm not sciencey, not by a long shot, but I do know one thing: This guy is way smarter than I am.

It also makes me wonder. At a company where I used to work, one of the VPs kept losing all of the data on her laptop computers because she kept dropping them. A few feet. On a carpeted floor. Our IT guys could only throw up their hands in failure.

The Columbia disk drive, on the other hand, falls about 200,000 feet from a vehicle traveling at about mach 19 -- a vehicle that basically disintigrated, by the way -- and the drive is burned almost beyond recognition, and a guy in Minnesota recovers 99 percent of the info on the drive. Wacky.


Anonymous said...

This reinforces my general distaste for IT guys. Only one in 1000 is worth the money. Slackers. The lot of them. I can hit restart too, jackasses.

Your escalator operator said...

That's funny and - wow - so bitter it sounds like something I'd have written! Yay!

JBhumitra said...

LOL I like Laura's comment. Though there were a few great IT guys at my last job who saved my arse multiple times. I have to give them credit.