May 7, 2008

Reality bites

I especially liked three sentences in this AP story about Hillary's pig-headed insistence on screwing up the Democrats' chances of winning the presidential election, uh, I mean, defiance in the face of having no statistical chance of, uh, I mean, bold decision to stay in the primary race.

Let's analyze, shall we?

1) "Clinton's appearance in Shepherdstown, W.Va., was meant to underscore her determination to stay the course."

Why I liked it: Seems like this is code for, "The only reason a person of means would visit god-forsaken Shepherdstown -- or anywhere in West Virginia, for that matter -- was that they had an insatiable desire to prove something."

2) "Obama has 1,846.5 delegates to 1,696 for Clinton in The Associated Press tally. "

Why I liked it: How the hell do you get a half delegate? Is Emmanuel Lewis involved somehow?

3) "Clinton told reporters it would take 2,209 or 2,210 delegates to win the nomination, not the 2,025 in use by the Democratic National Committee."

Why I liked it: At this point in the election process, the players really can't agree on where the end zone is? That's great. Hillary fans: You sure you want a president who thinks it's OK to keep changing the rules until they work out in her favor? I didn't think so.


bugs said...

so, just to be're a big hilary fan?!

Loree said...

Aw, I heart Hils (I'm a disappoint to my fellow Gen Y-ers, I suppose), but even I can agree that she's pretty much all but lost it at this point.

bugs said...

yes, if she can't get to 2025, she REALLY won't be able to get to 2209 or 2210. she's done - saw the reports on CNN that she's being encouraged to step aside, so it must be true.

Your escalator operator said...

Yeah, I don't really get the math she's trying to use.
Put a fork in the campaign already.

Laura said...

Word on the street is that she's dropping out this weekend. Must have gotten a calculator.

The only thing good about this, is that as a registered voter in the fine Commonwealth of Kentucky, my primary vote will count for the first and only time in my lifetime.