May 6, 2008

A moment of silence... with chocolate sprinkles

R.I.P., Irvine Robbins.

One half of the duo that brought us Baskin-Robbins died yesterday at age 90. You can read the obit here, but I think the lesson to be learned is that eating cereal with a scoop of banana ice cream for breakfast is the key to long life.

There's a note in the article about the genesis of the "31 flavors" concept -- one ice cream for every day of the month -- something I finally read or figured out a few years ago. I think that's one of the best ideas ever.

When I was in high school, I used to make regular stops at a Baskin-Robbins near my violin teacher's house on the way home (for dinner) from my weekly lesson. I'd get two scoops of Rocky Road in a cup and somehow eat it while driving home on the expressway. Not sure how I'm still alive.

So, kids, what's your favorite BR31 flavor?


Loree said...

Mint chocolate chip!

bugs said...

if i wasn't lactose intolerant like you, i think i'd still prefer the bubblegum. yummy!!! and nutritious.

Your escalator operator said...

Good choices, both of you.
Beth - I knew you were going to say pink bubblegum - you always used to get that. That's cool.
I didn't really appreciate mintchocochip until the last few years, and now I dig it.

bugs said...

i can't believe i remember that i ate that. the gum was always cold (go figure) and stale. but whatever. YOU'RE LACTOSE INTOLERANT. what's your issue?!
now, however, i prefer the cow - cupcake flavor - it's like eating frozen raw dough with sprinkles. UMMMMMMMM. maybe i'll get some today - it's 80 degrees here. move back east!

Your escalator operator said...

Baskin-Robbins should offer free lactaid pills with each order for rejects like me -- I'd go there twice a day.

bugs said...

yea! totally digging that idea - why don't you suggest it? find out who the marketing person is at BR & say how much more business he would get - only problem is they offer sorbet - but it's just NOT THE SAME. you seem to have a lot of free time on your hands...this could be a fun project for you.

JBhumitra said...

jamoca (plain, not almond-fudge), and pralines n cream.

Your escalator operator said...

1. I'm surprised there aren't more people named Jamoca.
2. Pralines 'n' cream is my 2nd favorite flavor after Rocky Road.

Laura said...

I'd give my right arm for a scoop of banana ice cream right now.