February 1, 2011

Why I'm pretty sure Juliette Binoche hates Yugos: A dream illustrated with helpful links

As if you needed further proof that my brain just does not shut down - even when I'm sleeping - I have been having some wacky dreams lately. Often two the same night. I've been visited during the night by celebrities, strangers, and people I grew up with but haven't seen or thought about in 23 years.

Oh sure, there are the common, everyday dreams that everyone has - like the one last week, in which I came off the bench to hit a few clutch baskets for the Bulls in the seventh game of the Eastern Conference finals. But, unlike that one, most are completely unrealistic.

It could be that this new dream activity is related to the new herbal extract pills that I'm taking in an attempt to do something about those migraine headaches I wrote about a few weeks ago. I haven't read the little pamphlet that comes with the supplement to try to figure out what the possible side effects are, but I did look it up on Wikipedia, which is usually a pretty trustworthy source for Medical Information You Can Trust, and  there was no mention of side effects, so I'm sure I'm in the clear.

Anyway, last night's dream was another winner.

For some reason, Juliette Binoche, the lovely French actress, was on the Late Show, sitting in the chair next to David Letterman. Like any good guest, she had a story to share with the TV viewing audience.

"We were driving through Europe in a Ford Fiesta," she began, before a man in the studio audience interrupted.

"That's like a Yugo!" the dream audience member shouted.

Juliette-in-my-dream, who I have never known to lose her temper, was not pleased.

"That's it. Fuck you all," she said. And she stormed off the set.

Anyone want to interpret that one?


ZenMom said...

Drugs are bad, mmm'kay?

"Highland Park" Attorney said...

Ummm, after I go back to school to study psychology and get my PhD, I might be able to diagnose this. Hmmmmmm?!?!?!

Your escalator operator said...

ZM - And to think I'm taking these vitamins and herbal whatever so I don't have to take the more serious stuff.

HPA - Maybe you can just get HPA Jr. on the case!

Anonymous said...

Is Bigfoot Real or made up? For more than 400 a long time, there have been reporting’s of a man like creature that is entirely covered in hair.

bugs said...

i'm just trying to get over the fact that you remember your dreams. i never remember mine, but i guess that's not surprising to you considering i don't really remember anythying.
but seriously!? juliette binoche?

Daddy Geek Boy said...

I'm pretty sure that means you hate French people.

Your escalator operator said...

B - I woke up right after this and sat there and thought about it for a few minutes, trying to make sure that I wouldn't forget it.

DGB - I'm not saying it doesn't, but at the same time, I want to make sure that I continue to please my many and very good-looking French readers. Merci!

bugs said...

that's good, yeo. how do you saw judge in french?!

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