February 24, 2011

Phood foto phun

If you were the editor who wrote captions for the photos accompanying the Los Angeles Times' restaurant reviews, wouldn't you try to learn the visual differences between - just for example - a stuffed chicken on the one hand and pierogies on a bed of sauteed cabbage on the other?

No. Apparently, you would not.

Unless Jidori is Hebrew for "cleverly disguised to look like pierogies," I think this description is a bit off.
One other quick thought: Are those of us in L.A. and New York getting to the point where a restaurant having a "Top Chef" alum on staff is sort of like having a basketball team with a "tall dude"?*

* I think we are.


Daddy Geek Boy said...

Depends on the alum. When's Richard Blais opening a joint here?

Your escalator operator said...

I don't watch the show, so I didn't know who that was. But I learned on Wikipedia - so I'm sure this is accurate - that he was the loser of a "chickpea battle" with Mario Batali.

I just want to make sure that you're comfortable being excited about a chef who lost a chickpea battle.

bugs said...

maybe the chicken was fried in pierogie dough and really looked like pierogies...they are both stuffed, so maybe?!!!
okay - really bad job.

Your escalator operator said...

Very generous of you to give the benefit of the doubt, but no. Plus, as of this morning (sadly), they've fixed the caption.