April 13, 2011

Deep thought of the month, Number 1*

"Saying something and then repeating it won't necessarily make what you said any more profound. But it will make it rhyme."
- Me

I'm still working on the phrasing, but I wanted to memorialize it here. Because, you know, it's pretty profound. And I'm not sure it would fit on one of my hilarious T-shirts. Which are now available for purchase. In an array of colors and sizes.

* Likely to be Number 1 of 1. But who's keeping track?


bugs said...

That's very funny.
If you say it a lot, it may become increasingly annoying, too. Wanna add that to a tee-shirt?!
If you see it in increasing volume, you may get smacked...how's that for a shirt?!
I could go on, but I think I'll stop there.

Your escalator operator said...

Those seem a little too angry.

bugs said...

yea - well...
nothing tops the NO! YOU CALM DOWN! so, i'm not trying to compete...

Anonymous said...

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