January 14, 2011

My brain on drugs; Or, Seven sequential thoughts on a migraine treatment

1) I get migraine headaches four or five times a month.*

2) As my doctor recently called to tell me, that's far too many, and I should not have migraines so frequently. I'm not sure how that advice is supposed to help me, but I'll give it a few weeks.

3) A few months ago, my thoughtful and amazing wife - who frequently researches potential cures and treatments for migraines - mentioned that she had read an article about Botox being used to prevent migraines.

4) Although I was very appreciative that she had discovered this news, I thought using Botox as a remedy sounded somewhat silly, considering that I didn't need to eliminate crow's feet or frown lines in my brain.

5) I hate injections. I'm sure you don't like them either, but however much you hate them, I hate them more.

6) While poking around online today, I came across an item about the Botox migraine treatment.

7) After reading this article, I was reassured that I have made the right decision in not pursuing Botox as a treatment for my migraine headaches. Mainly because one of the common side effects is, um, headaches.

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* Sometimes more. But I don't want it to look like I'm begging for sympathy. Or pills.


Homemaker Man said...

With the Botox, at least no one will be able to tell you're in pain. Or happy. Or anything, really.

Your escalator operator said...

HM - That's a good point. I guess I was being kind of selfish. ;)

Anonymous said...

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bugs said...

that's a funny post.
not funny that you're getting the headaches so often (there's the sympathy), but well written-funny.
botox...i like homemeaker man's comment. witty.
i have no comment other than i think you should blog about your love of needles and injections. that would make for a good post.