January 13, 2011

So, why would CNN even bother covering this?

Just when I thought there was no reason to blog this month, I came across this "news" on CNN.com, the website I love to despise.

Apparently, Peter Fonda - notable in my world mostly for inspiring the Beatles song "She Said She Said" - found a dead man in a car on the side of the road. OK, cool enough. I'm with you so far, CNN.

What really ticks me off about the article is probably as much a reflection of America's general celebrity-obsessed insanity as it is about CNN's general journalistic inanity*. But I couldn't get over the last sentence of the story, which read, and I am not making this up:

Poor guy. To be found dead in your car is one thing. But (gasp) it's even worse: He's never been on TMZ**!

* This might not be a word, but I couldn't think of another appropriate synonym for incompetence that rhymed with "insanity."

** Well, he hadn't been. Until now.

1 comment:

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