November 18, 2009

Passed tents

I went to bed wearing my earbuds last night - probably not great for my otological health - and a Michael Penn song, Strange Season, came on the iPod. The very first line of the song is: This story is past tense.

Maybe because it was 12:30 a.m., I started fixating on the lyrics, and I decided it would be a pretty great idea to write the homonyms for the last two words, "passed tents," on my left palm.

I thought that phrase would be a great name for... I don't know, something. Perhaps I could use it as the title of my next smooth jazz album or maybe I'd start a retail chain that sells deceased camping equipment. Then, I quickly remembered that I sort of suck at the soprano sax - and, for that matter, I haven't even recorded my first smooth jazz record - and that I have less than no interest in rugged outdoor sports.

So I decided I'd use it as the headline for a blog post. Which worked out great, except that - as you've noticed if you're still reading this - I really didn't have an interesting story to go along with my new clever headline.

Just so this isn't a total waste, I'll post a few photos from last weekend, when the world's best gift-giver, my gorgeous and hilarious wife,* treated me to a weekend in Hermosa Beach for my 74th birthday.**

Please pause and enjoy - I snapped 'em just for you.

* Damn, I'm lucky.
** Or something like that.


ZenMom said...

Don't laugh: I have a draft post on my blog that is filled with random scraps like that: Words or phrases or half-formed ideas that struck me at an odd moment as something that might inspire or amuse me later. :)

Also, for the record: You seem pretty spry for 74. What's your secret? 'Cause I know it's not clean living. ;)

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Nice post and nice pix.

Happy birthday.

Your escalator operator said...

ZM - I probably should keep lists of notes and ideas rather than trying to create a post out of "passed tents," but I was desperate! Glad I don't seem 74 yet - it's possible I still have a few decades to go to get there. It just doesn't always seem like it!

DGB - Thanks, thanks and thanks! Much appreciated.

bugs said...

74? honestly.
you are a great photographer.
see you in a few hours!!!