April 1, 2009

Biting the mail-order catalog that feeds me?

Well, this might be disappointing.

When I wrote yesterday about the deliciousness that awaited me in my newly delivered package of Wolferman's English muffins, I sort of figured that at some point - the Internet being what it is, and Google being what it is - someone from Wolferman's would find the post. If nothing else, I'd have brightened the day of someone at the company (maybe even a distant relative of Louis Wolferman). That would have been just fine.

I wrote that I'd welcome a package of English muffins in exchange for the unsolicited testimonial - that was just a joke. Realistically, though, I thought that someone from the company might even leave a pleasant note acknowledging the post.

Sure enough - according to my trusty Feedjit widget, over there >> near the bottom of the right column - SFTC started attracting an unusual amount of traffic from Medford, Ore., where Wolferman's is based. (Actually, any amount of traffic from Medford would have been unusual, so it was pretty easy to spot.) A few clicks last night and five so far this morning. See for yourself (click to enlarge):

So I was kind of stoked, figuring that the tasty muffin folks had found my glowing report and that, just maybe, I'd brought a little sunshine to someone's day. Because, as you know, that's how I roll.

Then, about 30 minutes ago, at exactly the time that those five Medford clicks were happening, I got a comment from... well, from "Anonymous."

Want to guess what the comment was? Let's go multiple choice!
A. Thanks for the plug! So glad you like the muffins.
B. I'm writing from Wolferman's. Enjoying the blog.
C. Checked out the site and found this great deal - 12 pack of muffins..you choose the flavor for $29.95 + free delivery
D. Tell us your address so we can send you some more muffins, on the house!

The correct answer is... C.

That's right. The response for writing about my love affair with the world's best $2 English muffins was an anonymous comment - I know I'm going out on a limb, but could it possibly have been a sneaky person from company HQ?!? - suggesting that I go drop another $30 on the damn things.

(Also? Good christ, I just ordered two dozen - how many freaking muffins do you think I can eat before they get stale?)

All I can say is.... well, I'll let Jeff Tweedy sing it for me.


UPDATE, 3:15 p.m. PT: Cindy from Wolferman's corporate relations got in touch (click Comments link below to view) with a nice big "thanks" for the original post. She also said that although this kind of thing does fall under her group's responsibilities, she couldn't figure out who would have posted the anonymous comment with the sales pitch as a response to yesterday's post but she was looking into it.

Better yet, she offered to send more English muffins and other Wolferman's goodies! (my first BIF, or blog-induced freebie!), which I just might share with some pals at the office. If they're really nice.

Another happy result of this little storyline is that today was the busiest single day for traffic on SFTC so far. Which can only mean that you people must really love reading about English muffins. I'll have to keep that in mind. (Also, thanks, Loree and Laura.)


Loree said...

Love it! Would only be better if they included the TM symbol somewhere in the comment.

Your escalator operator said...

L - That made me laugh out loud. Yep, that would have been better.

Cindy W said...

Escalator operator - We at HQ read your blog & would LOVE to send you muffins!!! So sorry if anyone left confusing comments.

Let's chat!! Best ~ Cindy

To save us both from spam, is there a way to PM?

bugs said...

Wow. Love Cindy W from HQ! That's so funny!
What's PM?!
Also, if you have too many muffins, send Cindy my address for the free muffins and I'll eat them for you - and recommend them to others.

Your escalator operator said...

B - Good try! Come visit and I'll share, though.

CindyW - Thanks very much for the note! Great to hear from you. Email or IM at yourescalatoroperator@gmail.com.

Cindy W said...

Excellent! Message sent your way. Thanks again for the great post on the muffins!!

Cindy ~

Cindy W said...

Sorry Bugs, PM is personal message. And here I thought I was being hip & cool with knowing the lingo. NOT!!!

Cindy W said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Laura said...

This is one of the most amazing blog sagas of all time. I'm glad it all worked out. Maybe you need another Jeff Tweedy hit to describe the final chapter! :)

Your escalator operator said...

Laura - Great suggestion! If only "chocolate chip english muffin" fit neatly in place of "shot in the arm." Any other ideas?
Also, thanks much for the tweet!

bugs said...

totally jealous. enjoy the free muffins.
maybe we should send mom some for mother's day gift to thank Cindy W for her excellent customer service?!!

JBhumitra said...

oh my goodness this is great! how did cindy find your post though? do they have a google news alert set up with their name? i guess that would probably be the most likely, that is what we do for GSEP. if you get more muffins, can you save a chocolate chip one for me? they sound amazing! when im in the money ill order english muffins too.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Congrats on the traffic...and the muffins.