April 9, 2009

An SFTC public* service announcement

This might be too morbid, I don't know, but in the interest of the safety and security of SFTC readers - my favorite people in the world - I wanted to write a short post advising that you stay away from anything having to do with the Los Angeles Angels** this season.

It's just that they've had a bad run this week, with the death early this morning of a pitcher who had played in last night's game against the Oakland A's, and the death earlier this week of a fan who was beaten up while at the stadium. They're both tragic. But fans getting beaten to death inside stadiums seems like a big marketing problem for Major League Baseball. It's almost sure to erase some of the family-friendly appeal they like to promote.

Sadly, the news about the spectator's death is not hard to believe: As I've written before, I've seen plenty of fights and near fights at Dodger Stadium, including some that got very ugly. When I lived in Chicago, fights at Wrigley Field seemed pretty rare, but they were an occasional problem at U.S. Cellular Field, where the White Sox play.

Even if it means hiring security guards to stand in every seating section of every stadium in the country, MLB and the teams had better do something about fan violence, and quick. Let's keep the violence on the hockey rink where it belongs.

* To the extent that the dozen people who read this can be considered the "public."
** Loree: That's a Major League Baseball team.


Loree said...

But I don't think I've heard of them. Shouldn't I have at least heard of a MLB team? Or is it another league that has all the famous team names? I'm only 10 percent joking right now. I'm really not sure.

Your escalator operator said...

L - Well, MLB *is* the league with all of the "famous names" - the Yankees and Dodgers and such. Maybe you just lost track because this team was once called the California Angels, then the Anaheim Angels, and now the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (although I refuse to use the "of Anaheim" part of their name except for purposes like this).
Yeah, that's probably what happened.

bugs said...

So sad. And the player who died was from Baltimore.

bugs said...

(which obviously makes it sadder...more sad?!...which one?)
anyway, gross all around.