March 12, 2010

Mississippi learning

I still don't get why the U.S. doesn't have a minimum IQ requirement for people interested in serving on school boards.

I'd certainly support some kind of federal legislation in that area. It might minimize the chance for morons to be in positions where they can teach children that it's a good idea to hate people for being gay.

Imagine the message it sends - and not just to the students but to the entire town - when a Mississippi high school cancels a senior prom because a female student wants to bring her girlfriend and (gasp!) wear a tuxedo. I know, soooo dangerous.

Seriously, I don't get it: What do they think is going to happen when two girls show up at the dance together? Why does a school board even have a policy against same-sex couples at a school event?

The new law - could we call it All Morons Left Behind? - would also help prevent Texas science teachers from having to instruct their students on the "strengths and weaknesses" of evolutionary science (which I wrote about here). It might help us avoid the awkwardness of reading - in a New York Times piece on curriculum revisions being pushed through by the Texas Board of Education - quotes like this one:
"I reject the notion by the left of a constitutional separation of church and state," said David Bradley, a conservative from Beaumont who works in real estate. "I have $1,000 for the charity of your choice if you can find it in the Constitution."

Yep. It's 2010 and that dude is a member of a state board of education.


ZenMom said...


WannabeVirginia W. said...

Awesome post. I can really be disheartening at times how morons are role models for children. I am hoping that the town make enough noise make a change.

Your escalator operator said...

Zen - Thank you!

WVW - I hope so, but I'm not counting on it. Meantime, it sounds like the student is doing a great job of speaking up for herself. So good for her.

Propoquerian said...

i have to say reading this just refreshed my appreciation for my life in LA. If nonsense went down like this here, canceling of proms and lessons on "the strength and weaknesses of evolution" well, the school would probably ship off that teacher or administrator to, well, Mississippi. Should we invite that girl and her tuxedoed girlfriend to a los angeles prom?

bugs said...

love the word moron.
good post - and use of my #1 fav. word - people really are morons for doing things like this. i agree with you -

Your escalator operator said...

P - Thanks for visiting and commenting! It would be nice to see other high schools all over the country invite them to their proms.

B - Whenever I write moron I think of you, but not in a mean way - I just like how you say it. :)

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