December 3, 2009


There's an episode of Friends* in which Monica, auditioning for a job as a chef, cooks several dishes for a very stoned restaurateur, played by Jon Lovitz. When Monica tells him that she's going to be serving tartlets, he responds by very stoned-ishly** repeating the word back to her:

"Tartlet. [pause] Tartlet. [pause] Tartlet," and then adding, "The word has lost all meaning."

Which, thanks to Barbara Walters, is now exactly how I feel about the word "fascinating." You know, because of this.

Come to think of it, tartlet is about right.

* I guess this is the week in which I draw most of my inspiration from long-gone NBC sitcoms.
** Suggestions for a better adverb, anyone?


WonderWife said...

"Tartlet" is one of the most quoted TV lines between DGB and me. Nice reference.

Your escalator operator said...

WW (tm): Thanks so much for your return visit! I can understand why it's oft repeated - every time I hear "tart" or "tartlet" I quote it. This might be annoying to other people but it cracks me up. Say hi to DGB for me.

bugs said...

I remember the episode, too. Couldn't imagine how you remember the words, but again, very impressive.
On another note: GO BILLS.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Ooh, mac and cheese. We gotta make this!

Your escalator operator said...

B - Thank you for being impressed. Also: JETS win!

DGB - He's drowning! Throw him a Cheerio!