October 12, 2009


Monday is usually the pits, but I'm doing great so far today.

Mostly that's because I just remembered that CNN.com is still around, still bringing news-starved readers the kinds of important, hard-hitting stories that - let's just be honest - carry with them nothing less than the potential to change people's lives.

Like, for example, this one.

Seriously. Thank goodness the reporter was able to explain the incredible mystery of golf balls at the bottom of Loch Ness -"it is thought locals and visitors have been using the loch to practice their driving skills for quite some time" - because I had presupposed that Nessie had been stockpiling the small white orbs for her planned attack against Scotland.

Extra points to the online editor for categorizing this article in the "World Sport" section (see label at top of page). I guess they haven't come up with a tag for "Completely useless crap that doesn't fit anywhere else."


bugs said...

"To watch the remarkable footage shot by the SeaTrepid underwater robotics team, click on the link to see the "Outland 1000" in action."

This is my favorite quote of the article...
I can hardly stand the excitement.

(and, no, i didn't click on the link)

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Next CNN.com report, water is wet

bugs said...

DGB - I'd TOTALLY read that!!! and click on any related links!!!

ZenMom said...

AP actually has a "wacky news" category. Some of them make me laugh. Some of them just make me cringe. But none of them should be a CNN headline.

Then again, not to go all serious on you, but, it would seem that as all the "bad" news gets harder to understand and harder to swallow, the news agencies are serving up more and more of the "wacky" - probably because most people would rather hear about lost Loch balls then public healthcare. Sad, but true.

Your escalator operator said...

ZM - I agree re "wacky news." And I think you're being very zen - giving the media credit for balancing out bad news with goofy "news." I tend to think there are just fewer journalists who are able or willing to dive into topics that are meaningful, useful or important, and more who just go for the easiest and fluffiest stories.

B - I can't believe you didn't watch the video.

DGB - I would not be surprised if they actually ran that story.

JBhumitra said...

i once had CNN as my homepage. that is until one day the top story in the RSS read "Hillary Duff feels pressure to lose weight." CNN wishes it were US Weekly.

Your escalator operator said...

JB - You made the right choice after seeing the Hillary Duff story. Unreal.

You Are My Fave said...

I always get sucked into stupid stories because I see the headline and think, "This one's got to be good."